Submit your storm report

Submit Your Storm Report

This page is used to collect observations from Spotters and Others around The North Central Ohio Area. These observations are used to aid forecasters in the forecast process during an ongoing event, and to verify warnings after an event. Some reports (not all) will appear in Public Information Statements /or Alerts which are issued during and after significant weather events. Please fill in only the fields that apply. We ask that you supply your name and a phone number or an email address, in case we need to verify or get more information about the conditions or event that you report. This is optional!

in case we or the National Weather Service wishes to contact you for more details
Please give the time and date of the event, or a very close estimate.
Please give the estimated wind speeds
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Please give us a estimated amount of Precipitation for THIS storm, in inches
Please give the Precipitation rate per Hour or per minute.
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Total amount for THIS storm (inches)
a Estimate of the total amount of snow that has fallen in either xx inches per minute, or xx per hour
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