National Weather Service Forecast Maps

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The Weather Prediction Center (WPC) National Forecast Charts provide an overview of expected weather for up to the next three days, with emphasis on certain hazardous and significant weather. They summarize forecasts from several

National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) Service Centers including the Storm Prediction Center (for severe thunderstorm and tornado outlooks), the National Hurricane Center (for tropical storm and hurricane forecasts), and the Weather Prediction Center (for information concerning heavy rainfall, flooding, winter weather, and general weather). With overlaid frontal forecasts, these displays serve as a good overview of the expected weather for the next two days.

All three days of the forecast chart are available in both English and Spanish.


The charts are intended for use by anyone who needs a non-technical display of the expected weather including the general public, the media, and the emergency management community. They show the large-scale weather features and associated significant weather. These charts are especially useful to travelers or others needing a big picture forecast. They are not intended to provide detailed local forecasts for any particular area. See for access to detailed local NWS forecasts and warnings.

Availability and Product Valid Times

The Day 1 (today’s) National Forecast Chart is prepared twice daily at the WPC. The initial product is issued by 5 a.m. EST/EDT, with an update provided by 2200 UTC (5 p.m. EST). 

The Day 2 and Day 3 National Forecasts are prepared once daily and issued by 5 a.m. EST/EDT.

Valid times of the features displayed in these products vary depending upon issuance time and the particular weather phenomenon of interest.